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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Are $175 Million In Weapons Headed To Terrorists In US




Video:   $175 Million In Weapons Headed To Terrorists In US??? - YouTube

It’s Getting Hot Now Folks - Whoooo Weee!!!!!

Apparently the  Clinton Foundation just used Victor Bout to purchase $137 Million in illegal weapons and they are headed to the NGO’s set up by Goerge Soros and the Clinton Foundation in Mid-November.

First - where did the Clinton Foundation get $1.8 Billion Dollars to give to the Central Bank of Qatar?

Secondly - where did the Foundation get $137 Million to buy weapons from.

Finally - how do they report to the IRS the purchase, and distribution, of illegal arms sales to Corporations here in the US without any transfer paper work.

Doesn’t the FBI and BATF get involved in this?

To put that in perspective - an M-16 (Glock Pistol) with ammo runs about $1,000 a piece while an On-Sale AR-15 runs around $500 a piece.

At $1,000 a piece this is around 175,000 Pistols and Rifles to be placed in the hands of Terrorists paid for out of CIA funds.

FBI - BATF - Boarder Patrol - you are about to get out gunned and out manned in about 3 weeks.

They will cut you to pieces like a hot knife through warm butter.

My guess - they have a few Stinger Missiles mixed in with these weapons.

What the heck do you suppose is going to happen to your families when this all breaks loose around Thanksgiving Time - your Children and Grand Children?

Finally - if Victor Bout has Diplomatic Immunity how can he be held in a US Prison?

Is that not an Act Of War against all nations that have signed on to the United Nations Charter and under this UN Treaty is this not a reason for Immediate Dismissal from membership - no vote needed?

Let me remind you one last time United States Corporation (US Inc):

The Arrest and Holding of a Foreign Diplomat is automatic grounds for immediate dismissal from Membership of the United Nations - including the Security Council.

Victor Bout is a Diplomat - I have seen the paper work.

Expect the following Corporations to be involved in the Arms Smuggling:

1) Open Society Foundations
2) Media Matters
3) American Institute For Social Justice
4) New American Foundation
5) The Migration Policy Institute
6) Tides Foundation
7) Clinton Foundation
8) American Red Cross
9) World Vision

Be sure and check their warehouses in, and near, ports along the Eastern Sea Board.

Of course - these coming attacks on America’s Infrastructure will be blamed on the local Muslims.

Pray that these weapons shipments are all destroyed by foreign powers as they are coming in through Charleston, New York, Savannah and a few other Eastern Sea Ports.

Now that this is information is out the ships may be re-routed so check Original Manifests - a re-routed ship is a dead give away.

I see arms being stored in what looks like furniture.

To the Smartest, most active and one of the largest audiences in the world - we very much appreciate your prayers.

Please also pray we are able to set up a free cancer clinic in the Kalispell Montana Area.
The News You Need

 Dr William B. Mount

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  1. 60 to 80 million armed American patriots will not stand by and let this crap go inchallenged

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  2. whatdoesitmean is sorcha faal no one to listen to. otherwise I'd worry she was going to start a revolt if she loses.

  3. Were is our military they are under oth to fight with us.. they will suffer nuclear repercussions

  4. Were is our military they are under oth to fight with us.. they will suffer nuclear repercussions

  5. I will be ready. I'm already on it. It's getting close. Work with your people you trust in your neighborhood. Find out who has what and get organized for a possible attack and response.

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