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Friday, February 24, 2017

Nuclear North Korea Regime Nearing Collapse???

North Korean Regime Ready For Collapse


Nuclear North Korea Regime Nearing Collapse??? - YouTube

Welcome to another exciting show to the smartest, most active, and  one of the largest audiences in the world - thank you for coming.


In a recent article released by the NEWSROOM they are claiming that the North Korean Regime is ready to collapse.

Translation: The North Korean really wish to Unify the 2 Koreas and now that the Neocons - the NAZIs  - are out of power this reunification - a dream since 1945 - may actually be possible.

Like England, Spain and dozens of other nations there is room for both a King and Parliament of Korea.

Whoever, or whatever, intervened to bring President Trump to power is also apparently intervening across the Planet to either Change, or Remove, those who would have constant war.

Please pray that North Korea re-unifies with South Korea without a shot being fired.

Here we even see most corrupt murdering Mob Leader Mayor Joe de Blasio of New York City coming forward voluntarily to meet with Federal Prosecutors to investigate the Clinton Pay-To-Play scandal.

This mayor met with US Attorney Preet Bharara to turn “States Evidence” and avoid any prosecution for his Illegal Money Laundering, Murders, etc. Although this is only a Preliminary Meeting discussing his Immunity to Prosecution for everything he has done -  “IF” he tactually decides to tells the truth. It is a step in the right direction.

More than likely most of the 16 Democratic and 6 Republican Congressman that will be charged with Treason will also turn “States Evidence” rather than going to prison and will sing like a Canary.

That’s why they call it a Canary Trap - because those guilty will more than like SING like a Canary and tell all rather than serving in Jail.

Pleas consider what would happen to a Congressman who goes to Federal Prison and he voted to reduce that Prison’s Food Budget????

Nothing is hidden any more. Even a US State Department Letter on anti-leaking labeled “Sensitive But Classified” was leaked in 4 days later to Josh Rogin of the Washington post by someone in the US State Department - another ’Canary Trap” to determine who is leaking info to Josh Rogin.

The Leaker, Josh Rogin, and his editors are up for charges of Treason for leaking Classified Information. President Trump is scheduled to begin the Trials for Treason in late March and if these reporters and their editors do not turn States Evidence to either the FBI or US Attorneys - neither can be trusted - they are likely to do Hard Time for a very, very long time.

In other news

1) The writer Scott Lemriel of the “Seres Agenda” and “The Emerald Doorway” told me last year 7 Earth Like Planets are being prepared for Humans. Well:

Story: 7 Earth Size Planets Were Just Discovered

2) Seattle is shaking - we apparently had a 4,2 Earthquake about 10 miles from my house and a 4.8 Earthquake off the coast last night.

We stated that Seattle would shake - and it is shaking - and will continue to shake to relieve pressure on the Pacific Plates very slowly. This is not being done by anyone on this planet and somehow I knew it was about to happen.

 Go figure.

This will begin up and dwom the West Coast - small 3-5 earthquakes to relieve pressures.

Be ready folks.

3) Finally - over 50,000 residences of San Jose, California are being told to evacuate as neighborhoods flood.

Apparently Governor Moon Beam Brown - a real Demon Possessed NAZI Freak - was too busy meditating on his belly button than to order the shoring up of Coyote Creek.

This is not meant as a Joke.

This is what he does. He sits in the middle of his office and Meditates during Work Hours.

The banks of Coyote Creek broke through and San Jose flooded.

Please pray hard that the 2 Koreas re-unify without a war and that those flooded out in San Jose are reimbursed for their losses.

Please also pray that those guilty of Murder and treason all turn over a new leaf, become States Evidence, or go to jail for the rest of their lives immediately.


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The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - President Trump just banned CNN, New York Times and others from a media briefing.

President Trump has character.


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NYC Mayor de Blasio to "Voluntarily Meet" With Feds on Friday in Pay-to-Play Investigation


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50,000 people are told to leave their homes as entire neighborhoods sink under worst floods in100 years





Thursday, February 23, 2017

Senator McCain Pegged As White House Leak

24 Democratic Congressman About To Be Arrested

McCain Pegged As WHite House Leak


Senator McCain Pegged As White House Leak - YouTube

In a recent Sting Operation with General  Michael Flynn - still head of the  Bureau Of Intelligence Research (INR) and National Security Advisor On Contract to the Prez - a series of Fake Stories were released by those in the Oval Office and many of those working for Congress took the bait hook, line and sinker.


Senator John McCain swallowed the fishing pole as well. In a series of Press Briefings he dispersed this FAKE information he could have only gotten by tapping the President’s Personal Telephone Line. He released it as if he had a right to leak these stories since he is a “Senator.”

As soon as it was announced he was busted he took an Emergency Flight to Syria.

This 80 year old Senator Traitor John McCain - who’s massive Arizona Republican Election Fraud won him the elections - has been using his Bully Pulpit to bash President Trump ever since he was elected and it is no wonder he took the bait - traitors always expose themselves.

Once a traitor always a traitor.

Here is Then Naval Office John McCain selling out our troops in Vietnam:


Like we stated yesterday before the news broke: Two Republican Senators have openly committed Treason: McCain and Cruz.

1) Senator McCain - For this and his treason in Hanoi in 1969. Might I add from personal experience as a Young Lieutenant of 30 year old: McCain is one Ungrateful, arrogant Jerk.

2) Senator Cruz: Who was sworn in as a US Senator as a Canadian Citizen. Now how did that happen Vice President Biden?

As for what Senator McCain is actually doing is Syria - he is looking for Money to keep this Insane War In Syria going.

Once US Oil hit’s the market at $9 a Barrel it is over for these wars in the Middle East - no money, no weapons no war. That’s why the push on the Keystone Pipeline.

Once US and Russian Oil sell worldwide and undercut every other nation on the planet, wars dry up in the Middle East and in South America, no more US Soldiers coming home in boxes or being prescribed LSD (Prozac) for depression for killing randomly for no apparent reason.

Then the US pulls out of Afghanistan and stops supporting the Opium Crops and the CIA and FBI Covert Activity Funding goes into the toilet - even less Dead US Soldiers.

For the Left Wing Nazhiional Zozhaleests Democrats (NAZIs) its over.

The Living GOD will now tear this Council of 45 +1 that rules the planet into little pieces -and curse them down to the 5th generation of those on the council - until they do as GOD has directed them to do. So HE has said it, so it shall be. Any questions 45 +1.

If you break ranks and do as GOD has directed you to do - GOD will reverse this curse and bless your family.

Please pray that all that President Trump is attempting to do is accomplished and that those who interfere with it are pushed aside by the Living GOD like locusts in a strong wind.



Huge Sale of Storable Foods are coming in March - so hang on until then.

For You Girls And Boy In Intelligence:

1) Keep a close eye on the FBI Protected Muslim NO GO zones for people leaving them in mass. Be prepared to “Contain Them” with prejudice.

2) Ensure that those McCain is now paying to come to DC are well vetted through Interpol (Untrustworthy) and through the Russian SVR. He is apparently trying to entice active “Shooters” to come to DC for - well - you can put 2 and 2 together.

Living here in Tacoma - this is all I can give you. Sorry.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone


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